Book Reviewed

My book, Antagonism on YouTube, has now been reviewed on the Linguist List. Lots of good things to think about in writing the next book!
“Pihlaja's research is innovative in that, while previous studies on YouTube discourse have focused on interaction, Pihlaja argues that it is difficult to elicit and identify 'typical behaviour' and has thus taken a novel approach in analysing a group of YouTube participants over time, through a variety of interactions ... Pihlaja's engaging writing style is characterised by clear and concise descriptions of both the discourse he analyses and the theoretical frameworks he uses and develops within his research. As such, this book is a valuable introduction to the discourse analysis of online data, as well as a useful tool for experienced discourse analysts who are keen to discover how communication continues to evolve within the ever-changing landscape of online environments ... In summary, the book is an engaging and well-executed qualitative study that advances the fields of CMC discourse analysis, metaphor analysis, and inter-faith scholarship.” – Lori Gilbert, University of East Anglia, LINGUIST LIST