Grants, Scholarships & Awards

AHRC  Leadership Fellowship (Primary Investigator)
Language and Religion in the Superdiverse City project (£155,024). Investigates the relationship between language and religious identity in Birmingham, with a focus on community organising in partnership with Citizens UK Birmingham. 2021-2022

Saltley Trust Small Grant (Co-Investigator)
Support for Birmingham Anglican Schools as Diverse Communities Project (£2,238). Investigated religious diversity in Church of England Schools, looking particularly at how shared values are recognised and articulated. 2018-2020

Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Research Collaborator & Consultant) 
Religion and Danger: An Investigation into how Religious Believers Perceive and Respond to Danger within a Global Context (¥11,000,000/£86,842). Investigated dialogue among Christians and Muslims International students and Hokkaido University in Japan. 2017-2018. 

HEFCE Social Innovation Pilot Project (Primary Investigator)
Let's Talk about sex: Equipping student leaders to address sexual violence on campuses (£18,252); Project includes providing leadership and oversight on three research sites across the UK with 15 people working on the project. 2016

Small Grant, Middlesex University (Co-Investigator and consultant) 
Being a young Muslim in England today: a qualitative narrative study (£7,200); Project included providing leadership and oversight at Birmingham site, leading focus groups, data analysis, and mentorship of young staff on research methods and discourse analysis. 2016

Small Travel Grant, Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training (CREST) 
For conference attendance; 2015 & 2016

Research Network Seed Money, CREST
For organising inter-disciplinary seminar focused on religious talk on social media; 2015

Students as Academic Partners Grant, Newman University. 
Support for student salaries to investigate Muslim student experience; 2014–2015

Small Grant, International Association of Researching and Analysing Metaphor
For research-related travel expenses, £400; 2011

MRes and PhD Studentship, The Open University (UK) 2008

Content Award, Association of Writers and Writing Programs (USA)
Awarded to editorial team Catch, Knox College’s literary magazine. 2003

Pacemaker Award, Associated Collegiate Press (USA)
Awarded to editorial team Catch, Knox College’s literary magazine. 2003

Ford Fellowship & Richter Research Grant, Knox College (USA)
Awarded to undertake research related to college honours project. 2002